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Park & Landscape


Turf Reinforcement Mesh is a tough extruded polymer grid for reinforcing grassed areas used by vehicles and pedestrians.

For best results the mesh should be laid down in Spring when the grass will grow quickly through the mesh and the root mass will form an interlock with the mesh filaments. The protected grassed areas will soon resume their natural appearance providing a stable surface which will withstand the weight of lightweight vehicles and heavy pedestrian use such as inside event registration tents. Ideal for buggy paths, verge protection, temporary car parks and play areas.


Easy Load Tap-N-Go Trimmer head

Easy Load Tap-N-Go Trimmer Heads WB1216

Easy Load Tap-N-Go Trimmer head (1)

Easy Load Tap-N-Go Trimmer Heads WB1237

Debris Fence

Debris fence

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Keep-It -Green



Tenax Multimat

Tenax Parking markers

Tenax Parking Markers 

Tenweb 200

Tenweb Type 3  - 4

Erosion Control

 Erosion Control

Products & Tools

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Sand Dune Erosion Control

 Sand Dune

Erosion Control

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Gripple Terra Lock

 Gripple Terra Lock

Gripple Anchor Drive Tool

Anchor Drive Tool

Gripple Drive Tool Remover

 Gripple Drive Tool remover, Terra lock setting,  and T post remover.

Trackway 5 Panels

 Pack of 5 Trackway panels

Modular Fence

 TENAX Modular Fence.

Park Fire Pit
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