Tenweb 200


TENAX TENWEB 200 geocells are honeycomb three dimensional structures, made of polyethylene using a single continu- ous extrusion process. TENAX TENWEB 200 can be transported and stocked in a very compact form and expanded like an accordian at the job site. TENAX TENWEB 200 has interconnected openings to ensure that organic materials receive moisture for rapid growth. Once expanded and soil lled, TENAX TENWEB 200 becomes dimensionally stable and provides an e ective con nement for loose materials placed in each single cell.

Typical Applications

Erosion control of slopes, embankments, shorelines, base stabilization for roads and parking areas. 


Type 3 Panel size

75mm (3 inches deep) x 10m (32' 8") long x 3.5m (11'6" ) wide

Type 4 Panel size

200mm (4 inches deep) x 10m (32' 8") long x 3.5m (11'6" ) wide


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