Polyamide Black 1351m roll


Polyamide 4432 foot (1351m) long 11 gauge (3 mm) monofilament spool.

2.5 mm and 3 mm should be used for catch wires in a trellis system or for light fruit loading (berries) with post spacing of less than 4 meters.

Catch wires should be 0.5 m from the main line and 0.5 m between the first and second. The catch wires will easily adjust up as the shoots grow. The elasticty of the polyamide allows a simple pull of the wire and hook up to the next level.

 Designed by Bayer® to be strong and long lasting. Has been proven in the field for 30 years.

UV stable , non-corrosive and resistant to fertilizers, fungicides and pesticides. Has a wide temperature range of -40C to +50C.

Elongation before breaking is 25% which gives unique properties for new shoot growing control.

Non-conductive therefor not susceptible to lightening strikes and which can result in crop burn. Also with early frost the non-conductive nature means that young shoots do not get damaged by frozen wires with a late frost.

View video here  www.finishlinefence.com/duraline/


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