mHouse Universal receiver R2



  1. The R2 receiver, used in combination with the GTX4 transmitters, is suitable for the remote control of electrical equipment such as garage door openers and similar automa- tions; The receiver has two outputs with normally open (NO) relay contact. When the transmitter sends a signal that is recognized as valid, the receiver causes the activa- tion of the corresponding output relay (the contact closes). The relay will deactivate as soon as the transmitter stops sending the radio signal. This product is compatible with transmitter models TX3 and TX4.

    The R2 receiver enables universal use. The casing provides essential and efficient protection to the circuit. It can be secured with the adhesive on the bottom.

    Selecting the power supply

    The receiver’s power supply is 24V (both direct and alternate current). However, R2 can also be connected to a 12V power source. To do this, just insert the jumper.


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