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 mhouse PF kit uses solar energy , replacing the electrical mains source allows mhouse gate openers to be located at a distance from a hydro outlet. No need for trenching electrical supply to the remote gate, no need for registered electrician to wire up the gate as all items are low low voltage.

Compatible with mhouse SL10S, mhouse WG2S, mhouse WG10S and WG20S.

Kit contains:-

1PB weather proof box with carry handles.

Box can be wall mounted or column hanging.

24volt 20Ah battery.

luminous and acoustic signals to indicate charge status.

1 PC photovoltaic 10w, 24volt solar panel.

Adjustable brackets to set optimum angle of panel.

The battery can be quickly  re-charged from hydro outlet with the optional charging unit if  prolonged periods of sunless days are expected.


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