Cat Gate Kit for 4' x6' opening 🇨🇦

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We have redesigned our cat gates to use parts manufactured in Canada

Our cat gate is easily assembled from push together parts that are then secured by locking screws. The gates are designed to be close fitting to the gate posts to prevent the smallest kitten from escaping.

 Our cat gate has a cross bar that slots into the gate posts across the top of the gate to enable the arch of the cat fence mesh to be securely attached to the top of the gate.

Each gate comes with two gate posts, sleeves, hinges , gate latch and an optional  set of eye bolts so that the gate can be padlocked to the post.

In addition we supply two of our cat hoops so that the arc of the cat fence mesh can be maintained over the gate.

Mesh to cover the gate is part of the cat fence kit but we do provide a pack of zip ties in the gate kit to secure the mesh to the gate posts and gate frame.

Our gate can easily be adjusted for different widths of openings, it can be done on site or we can make the adjustments before shipping. The maximum opening size is 4 foot but it can be reduced to 3 foot if it needs to be installed over a narrow footpath.


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