Cat proof a Gazebo

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Call or email to find out how to cat proof a garden gazebo.
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Use our easy to install fencing to cat proof your gazebo to let you and your cats enjoy the summer.

Any of the gazebo's that you can buy from big box stores usually will do.

They look eligant in the backyard, and our mesh being very open does not detract from the asthetic appeal unlike the cat tunnels and  welded wire cages.

You can then equip the gazebo with your cats favourite play things.

Customers who have done this have also built a tunnel from a window or a cat door to reach the gazebo.

Again tunnels are simple to construct with either or lightweight polypropylene fencing or our square section PVC coated  wire mesh.

Not sure how to do?

Send us a picture of the gazebo and will send you a list of everything that you will require along with our easy to follow installation instructions.

Measure each side of your gazebo and the height from the ground to the roof.

We will calculate the amount of mesh you will require plus the fixings necessary to secure the mesh to the gazebo frame.

For an adjoining tunnel measure the distance from the gazebo to the house.

Our  estimates are free.


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