Small bed protector kit 6x100 foot or 5 x 100 foot 🇨🇦

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Can't Install a Perimeter Fence? We Can Help!

For those who still like to enjoy wildlife close to home or cottage you can still enjoy gardening with our system which can protect individual beds.




Removable and Reusable Deer Protection Ideal to create a small vegetable garden, raised beds or protect a new row of cedar hedge.


Kit contents:

  • 100' of 6 or 5' high Standard Perimeter Deer Fencing
  • 8 – 7' or 6' x 1 3/8” Black powder coated support posts
  • 8 – Galvanized steel insert sleeves for posts (eliminates digging/post driving)
  • 1 – Driving Cap (to drive sleeves into ground with sledge)
  • 100 – fence ties
  • 8 – post caps
  • 8 – sleeve caps (for summer to keep debris & rain out)
  • 8 – 12” Ground Stakes (so deer can't push underneath)
  •  FREE fence tying tool with the 1st kit purchased. The tool is required to tighten our new PVC coated wire fence ties.

This is an incredibly easy system to install due to the post inserts – simply drive the 5 – 24” sleeves into the ground with a sledge hammer and the driving cap (#1) and then just slip the posts in (#2 & #3) and zip tie the fence to the posts (#4).

This is also a re-usable system. Once the deer damage season passes, simply slide the posts out of the sleeves with the fence still attached (#5) and roll up the fence and posts together (#6). Just mark one end so the posts can be easily slipped right back into the sleeves in the same position the next season (the sleeves are left in the ground and covered with protective black caps (included) to keep rain & debris out).


During harsh winters, wild food reserves become scarce and often times all but non-existent in areas with high deer populations. This in turn puts many evergreen shrubs and other deciduous plants with tasty buds (like azaleas) on the menu.

A group of deer can literally strip an entire landscape of its buds and evergreen foliage in just one or two visits (each deer can eat up to 7 lbs. of foliage per day!).

Once heavily browsed, many plants have a hard time regenerating foliage and become weakened. A second browse in the spring or the following winter is usually a death sentence for any plants that do survive their initial encounter with deer.



Our Deer Fencing systems have been the product of choice for deer protection for over twelve years. Flimsy “deer netting” products available at home and garden centers are not designed to provide long-term protection and are all but impossible to re-use for more than one season because they break down from UV light very quickly and are subject to deer pushing through them and tangling.







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