Mini Mutt

Was: $90.00
Now: $69.00

 Mini Mutt dog fence kit was invented by our customers not by us.

 What our customers wanted was a very simple fence to keep small dogs from going into the flower garden and digging up the dirt or at the cottage or trailer being able to erect a very simple fence quickly to contain a small dog.

Fence material being polyproplene is very lightweight and very strong.

Easy to transport to the cottage.

Create a larger enclosure with 2-3 kits

What does Minni Mutt dog fence consist of.

25 foot of approx 24 inch high polyproplene Silver fence material.

4 simple galvanized steel fence stakes 3 foot high to support the fence.

Easy to install by simply threading the stakes through the fence mesh and thats it.

To remove pull out the stakes and roll up the fence material.

Ideal for containing Corgi , Prince Charles spaniels, Dashounds etc


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