Eye Bolt Kit (pack of 10)


We have these eye bolts made specially for us, the eye bolt is not fully closed to enable them to be fitted to an installation that already has tension cable but needs the extra support of the eye bolt.

The eye bolt and band is used at the top of our heavy duty steel posts in heavy snow load areas to support the tension cable. The eye bolt and band is clamped to the top of the post and the reinforcing cable is fed through the eye bolt before tensioning.

If tension cable already exists simply slip the eye bolt onto the cable then clamp to the post for additional support.

No need to re string the cable.

When crossing a lawn with the fence and you wish to be able to cut under the fence then one eye bolt at the bottom of each post 2 inches up allows the tension cable to be threaded through and secured to the post. The Fence material can then be cut and attached to the tension cable with hog rings making a neat job and giving space for the grass to be cut under the fence.




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