Post extension 🇨🇦

Additional Info

 Our fence post extension allows you to extend an existing traditional fence high enough to support our deer fence.

With our post extension you can maintain the rustic look of your property and keep the deer out.

The post extensions are 4 foot tall enabling a 4 foot high fence to be extended up to the 7 foot height to support the deer fence.

The post extensions are made from galvanized steel rod and powder coated black finish to match the fence material. Each post extension has a loop formed at each end, the bottom loop for fixing to the post and the top loop for attaching the deer fence.


 Very easy to install.

Attached to the wooden post with a lag bolt at the bottom then one of our black double clips is deck screwed  into the post approx 6 inched up.All included with the post extension.

The existing post needs to be sound and vertical

This post extension is not suitable to extend T post

If you are using T posts the simplest method is to use a a piece of 2x2 screwed to the T post, not as elegant as our solution but if you are using T posts you are probably not too concerned about how the fence looks.


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