Gripple Tree Anchoring

Gripple Tree Anchoring System
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 Tree moving or just anchoring a new tree rom the nursery.

The  rootball fixing system, is the preferred method of securing rootballed and containerised semi-mature trees. The ease of installation and lack of unsightly guy wires makes it the first choice of customers planting new trees.

The Gripple anchoring system ensures a secure positioning of newly transplanted trees, whilst offering major benefits over traditional root support systems.

Available in 3  sizes, the Gripple Anchor system can be tailored to suit most rootball dimensions. Gripple Anchors and Gripple tensioners offer faster installation and provides a greater contact surface area at the top of the rootballed or container grown tree.

The anchoring system consists of three Gripple anchors,( small ,medium or large) driven into the base of the hole excavated for the rootball. A  cable is passed through the loops at the ends of the anchor cables and around the root ball. The cable is prevented from cutting through the root ball by being threaded through a strip of mesh. The cable is then tensioned with a Gripple.

The root ball is secured to the ground and the tree supported without any unsightly cables or stakes above ground.

The advantages are:-

  • Planting at the nursery line
  • Reduced overall installation time
  • More secure fixing creating better establishment
  • No unsightly stakes or timber above ground
  • Suitable for most rootballed and containerised stock


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