Installation of our fencing products is very easy.


Unlike almost every other fence available on the market you do not need an experienced fence installer to install our fence.

Many ladies enjoy gardening, do not mind the sight of deer but not the aftermath of deer having breakfast in the hosta bed.


When this happens it is time for action.

Ladies you do not need to wait for your husbands to fence in the yard. Many have installed the fence themselves.

"The fence went up in about 3 hours yesterday -- I had to finish off tying today and staking but getting it in place was really easy" K. "My friend and I installed 400 feet of fence in an afternoon to trees it was simple" G.

If you have large mature trees all you need is a hammer and no special tools. With the trees you can reduce the need for fence posts and attach the fencing directly to the trees which is a massive saving on the installation of the fence.

Even with fence posts we have made the job easy. No concrete,no heavy duty post driving equipment required.

Each post comes in two parts. A sleeve that is driven into the ground with our driving cap. Then the post is slipped into the sleeve , a stop is provided part the way down the sleeve to ensure the post is at the correct height

Next attach the light weight mesh to either the tree or post with fence ties. Flare out the bottom  few inches of mesh towards the deer and drive in ground stakes every 6 feet, this stops the deer nosing up the mesh. Finally tie white ribbons every few feet to train the deer away from the fence. Finished installation blends into the background and you never know it was there except for the white ribbons.

When using our heavy duty perimeter fencing the installation is the same as above but we require to install nylon reinforcing cable along the top of the fence and midway up the fence at the deer impact area. This nylon cable is tensioned with gripples and attached with hog rings to the mesh.

Need help?

Contact us through the contact tab button above with your phone number or depending upon the location you may wish to contact our installtion partners directly.  

We will call you to discuss installation options, how to plan your fence, what materials you require.

Please let us know your exact location and the linear footage of your proposed fence.

We will also be able to provide you with a detailed estimate of what the project will cost.

If you are considering hiring someone to install the fence then as a rule of thumb, expect to pay 1.1 - 1.5 times the material cost for the installation depending upon the number of posts and the nature of the ground.

However it is really simple to install our fence and 97% of our customers install the fence themselves.

Installation of our automatic gate openers and turf protection are equally simple.

Detailed step by step instructions are included with each order and you can down load these free of charge from our product pages.


To have your fence professionally installed 

In New Brunswick our product and installation services are available from Brunswick Nurseries contact

Dr Duncan 506 847 8244. 

Installation services in Kanata, Renfrew, Arnprior and surounding areas contact

Karl Ryan Shamrock Handyman Services or Lindsey Bromh.

613 415 8493

Installation services in Eastern Ontario and Eastern Quebec contact.
Natures Right Hand
1 866 674 3003
Installation services in BC 
Gulfstream Islands Greenscapes








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