Lockmaster Wired Keypad Programmable

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LM106 wired key pad can be used to operate automatic gate opener arms or electric lock.

LM106 is supplied with a protective metal case.

It is ideal where battery operated keypad is not suitable in harsh enviroments where rf signals are either being block or corupted or in just very cold conditions where batteries struggle to operate efficiently.

The key pad also has a programmable card detector for keycard access. Up to 6000 cards can be propgrammed to the keypad.

RFID Keycards are purchased separately.

The LM106 is programmable and can be programmed to accept on key entry via the key pad, or operation withonly the RFID keycards, or with both modes.

The key pad is back lit for 

Power 24 volt + - 10%

Current 0.1A max

Frequency 125K + - 1Khz

Key card response distance  3-15cm

Temerature range -20C to +60C


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