Multimat 100 Black

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TENAX MultiMat is designed to prevent wash out and soil erosion on slopes and embankments, to aid the establishment of grass and plant roots. Weather conditions, such as heavy rain, can result in signicant loss of soil and formation of moderately deep furrows. All of this occurs due to the barrenness and fragility of the vegetation during its initial phase of growth because the root systems have had insuf cient time to become established in substrate.

TENAX MultiMat 30 and 100 erosion control geomats are three-dimensional structures, manufactured from three polypropylene meshes that have been extruded and subsequently oriented. The products have a high tensile strength and low unit weight which makes the geomats ideally suited for installing on steep and very long slopes.

TENAX MultiMat is easy to install. Simply roll MultiMat onto the slope, fixing in place with MultiMat staples and covering with topsoil. Grass growth can then be established either by hand seeding or hydro-seeding. Once installed the three-dimensional structures of the geomats protect the layer of topsoil and anchors the roots of the vegetation to the soil matrix, thus helping to minimise both the effect of rain impact and soil migration due to surface runoff.

Tenax MultiMat 30 and 100 are polypropylene erosion control geomats, designed for protection and growing of grass on slopes sub- ject to surface erosion. Tenax MultiMat are three dimensional mats composed by extruded and bi-oriented polypropylene grids, laid one upon each other and tied up by means of a black polypropylene yarn. The Three dimensional structure is purposefully engineered for trapping a layer of topsoil, thus avoiding rainfall erosion by sheltering the surface against the impact of raindrops and by restricting the movement of the soil particles.

Typical Applications

Roadway ditches, slope protection, storm and irrigation channels, lake banks and land ll cover. 


Roll size 2.2m wide by 50m long.  Colour Black Multimat 100


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