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We all know the damage caused to grass areas by construction plant, ground-care equipment, caravans and even passenger vehicles. Wheels create ruts in the grass and if the area is used repeatedly, the grass roots can be destroyed resulting in a muddy mess that will take a long time to recover.

All this can be avoided with Track Way, a new product from TENAX which protects the grass without causing it to die off and even prevents surface damage to hard-standing areas.

Manufactured from high density polyethylene in extra thick extruded mesh panels measuring 1.2m x 2.05m, (4 foot x 6 foot 6 inches) TENAX TrackWay will support vehicle weights up to 20 tonnes yet each panel weighs less than l0kgs ( 22lbs)- far less than track board systems. Its high profile mesh structure also provides extra grip for wheeled and tracked vehicles.

Simply laid down and joined together with metal fixing pins, TrackWay can be either used for temporary applications or left down for the grass to grow through the mesh for long-lasting permanent protection.

 Technical Specification:
Material HDPE
Colour Black
Weight 9.84kg (22 lb)
Width 1.2m ( 4’ )
Length 2.05m (6’7”)
Mesh size 25mm x 25mm



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