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Redi-Driver post driver designed and manufactured by Christie Engineering.

Christie Engineering were the first to design the gas powered post driver and had it well proven across Australia before bringing it to North American and European markets.

Lightweight design, powerful hammer action with ergonomic design and isolated handles. CNC machined body from cast high strength heat treated aluminium for a long service life with stainless steel screws that will never rust. High quality sealed bearings are used in all internal parts.

Powered by a Genuine Honda GX35 4-stroke Motor  a precision tool to revolutionise fencing.

Australian made by Christie Engineering Pty. Ltd. Registered design: 201111227

Redi-Driver is a very adaptable machine with its ability to interchange the barrel for a larger barell for large diameter posts.

The fitting of the unique handle extension kit enables the tallest of posts to be installed without the need for platforms to reach the top of the tall post. Further with the handles fitted at the opposite end the back breaking task of driving in silt fence posts, greanhouse ground anchors, deer fence sleeves and tent stakes makes this task much less onerous, enabling the operator to stand upright when driving in these ground level items.

The first to market and proven in ardous conditions across continents.


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