Tenax Plastic Resin price increases.

13th Mar 2021

Last week we received the following communication from our major supplier of fence material Tenax.

The Petrochemical industry has seen further problems with the recent severe winter storms, snow, ice and freezing temperatures, causing systemic failures in the Texas power grid with disruptive effect to both the population and the Petrochemical industry.

The storm forced at least 50 major outages and closures, including: most gulf refineries, petrochemical plants, and steam crackers, all 3 PDH units, and resin reactors accounting for an estimated 80-85% of all US Polyethylene and Polypropylene production.

Last week, Tenax received notice from our primary resin vendors are holding force majeure because of these factors.

Regretfully, Tenax will have no choice to extend force majeure in passing on an additional price increase with immediate effects.

Regretfully Deer Fence Canada Inc. has no option but to increases our prices in line with our manufacturer on all new shipments arriving from the USA this spring.