Cat Fence hoops to convert an existing chain fence

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These cat hoops are simple to install. Fix the hoops to an existing chain link fence post with the fixings provided then use 6 feet of our fence material to go around the inside of the  hoop and attach to the existing fence. The hoops come with post extensions and clamps to give approx 30 inches height above the chain link fence.

You will need the diameter of your existing posts to obtain the correct fixings. 

Select the diameter and quantity from the drop down menu.

The height is normally dependent upon your own height, you will want to have the tip of the hoop when it is installed to just clear your head for easy access to the fence.

What is included.

  • Cat hoop
  • Post extension
  • Fiting to attach cat hoop to post extension
  • Fittings to attach to exsiting chain link post.
  • 10 fence ties

You will require  a roll of mesh 6 foot high to go around the hoops and down the post extension to the cahin link fence.

You will require other ties between the posts to prevent the cat from sneaking between the mesh and the fence.

If you are unsure on what you need then create a drawing of your yard and send the drawing plus the sizes of your posts to us and we will work out everything you need.