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Cat Fencing

Backyard Cat Fence... Keeping Your Cat Happy, Healthy & Safe


Our cat fencing is the ideal solution for outdoor cat containment. Our cat fences enable your cat to experience all the benefits that an indoor/outdoor lifestyle offers, while allowing your cat(s) to safely come and go as they please (a pet door is highly recommended).

By keeping your cat within the outdoor cat fence enclosure and away from predators, other cats, and cars...your cat can be safe, happy, and healthy at the same time.

If your cat is a climber, or adventurous in nature, then be sure to check out our "Houdini-Proof" Cat Fence below - to date we have ZERO reported escapes from this system!

Our cat fence is: . Highly Effective . Affordable . Virtually Invisible

Our cat  Fence is the first and only complete backyard cat fence system that you can put up yourself at a reasonable cost. Finally you can let your cat(s) enjoy the great outdoors without worrying about their safety.

Whether it is a free standing system or a conversion of your existing fence we can provide a safe environment for puss.

Your neighbours will welcome your efforts to keep your pet safe within your yard, not everyone is a cat lover.


Cat Fence Brochure

Cat Fence Brochure

Cat fence kit

 Cat Fence Kit

100 ft Cat Fence conversion kit 🇨🇦

Cat Kit

Free Shipping

( except islands and remote rural areas) 


100 ft Cat Fence conversion kit for lattice top

 Cat Kit For fence with latticetop.

Free Shipping

( except islands and remote rural areas) 

Cat Hoops to convert existing fence

 Cat hoops to convert an existing chain link fence.

Cat Enclosure

Not sure what you need to keep your cat safe. Then click here.

Call for a quote for your own design.
Cat proof a Gazebo

Use our easy to install fencing to cat proof your gazebo to let you and your cats enjoy the summer outdoors.

This a very easy , cost effective way to quickly  create an outdoor enclosure.

Not sure how to do?

Send us a picture of the gazebo and will send you a list of everything that you will require.

Call or email to find out how to cat proof a garden gazebo.
Welded Wire mesh 2 inch squares 2x100 feet roll

Black PVC coated welded wire mesh with 2 inch squares



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