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Double CLIP 
Attach any  Deer  Fence , Dog Fence or chew guard to any Fence Post

The Double CLIP system for easy installation

  • Requires NO special tools, just a screwdriver
  • Works with any gauge wire, including:
  • Polyproplene deer fence
  • PVC coated chew guard
  • Also works with vinyl, composite, and wood posts, (round steel post require an adaptor clip.)
  • Single person can install the fence material.
  • Protects the tree as it grows and pushes the flat side of the clip out wards rather than absorbing into the bark which is common with staples.

Quicker and easier to install than staples on cedar post or lodge poles. Compare the two methods of attaching deer fence material.

With deer fencing being 7 foot above ground driving a large staple into the post to hold the fence material can be tricky. At 7 foot above ground with each strike of the hammer on the staple the post moves making it difficult to drive the staples home. 

The mesh also needs to be held up which usually means a helper so it becomes a two man job.

With the Double  clip the clips are screwed onto the post ( or trees) with #10 wood screws 7 foot above the ground.

Simple task for one person and a screwdriver ( power screwdrivers are much faster)

 Once the Double Clip is on each post then roll out the mesh and hang it on the clip on the second strand of mesh down from the top. Again one person can do this.

With the mesh hanging from each clip go back to the first post and at the bottom take an Double Clip , clip onto the mesh, push down to tension and drive in the screws.

The Double  Clip makes it simple to support tension cable along the top of the fence. Simply slot the cable into the clip and the cable is held in place.

The double clip is ideal for installation on slopes as the cable or mesh is held securely in place with the clip.