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These earth augers are great for helping withthe installation of the post sleeves.

Post sleeves need to be driven into the ground with a sledge hammer or with our gas powered post pounders.

The sledge hammer takes a good deal of physical strength to pound the sleeve into the ground.

Some of our customers have had success drilling holes in the ground to ease the pounding in of the sleeves.

After receiving this feedback we have sourced a suitable earth auger that will fit onto an electric drill an easily drill a pilot hole for the sleeve.The auger has a long shank , the length of our fence sleeves, so that it can create a pilot hole the correct depth for easy installation.

Other uses are as a bulb planter in the garden.


Length 75cm (29.5 inches)

Diameter 4cm ( 1.6 inches)

End of drive Hex.

Material steel

Finish Powder Coated Paint Black Gloss.