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Fence Post Systems

Unlike electric or wire fence, our deer and dog fencing can be easily attached to existing trees (up to 20 - 25 feet apart ) with reinforcing cable along the top.

In areas where trees are not present, our steel posts (baked on black finish) can be installed for support.

We make the fence post installation simple.No need for concrete,no need for post hole diggers, no need for augers, no need to stand on a ladder or platform to drive in a 9 foot post. Simply stand firmly on the ground and drive a galvanized sleeve into the ground, then drop the long post into the sleeve and the job is done. Simple fast and effective.

We use the same post and sleeve system for our Best Friend Fence enclosures.

We have a range of post lengths to suit the fence height you need.


Since  2013 all our posts and sleeves are manufactured from Canadian produced steel.

In 2012 we invested in tooling to make the posts sleeves locally here in Ontario from high quality Canadian steel tubing.





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