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Garden and Outdoor Products

Our Garden products that are quite unique based on our fence products.

Customers have found that they can use our mesh, tensioning cables and fixings in the garden. All of our garden supplies products are items that the professionals use but available in small quantities for the home gardener.

Even if you want to set up your own mini vineyard we have all the items the professionals would use to set up a few feet of vines.

Off cuts of the mesh make ideal plant supports for peonies,delphiniums and clematis. Our PVC coated metal twist fence ties are ideal for holding plants onto supports. Our ground stakes have proven ideal for holding cloches down.

Garden Fence Plant Enhancement

Garden Fence Plant Support

Tenax Microfender 2 x 5

Tenax Microfender Insect Net

Yard Protection

Green off driveway parking.

Bird Net Clasp

Pack of 100 bird net clasps

Bird Net Clip

Bird Net Clip

Bird Netting Tenax Plant & Pond Protect Net

Bird Netting Tenax  Pond & Plant Protection Net

Fabric Retainer and Net Clasp

Fabric Clasp pack of 50

Tenax Privacy

 Tenax Wind and Privacy Screen

Trimmer Line 2.40mm x 394m

Trimmer Line Square 2.40mm x 394m

Trimmer Line 2.65mm x 322m

Trimmer Line 2.65mm x 322m

Trimmer Line 3.00mm x 251m

Trimmer Line 3.00mm x  251m

Goose Fence Kit

Goose Fence Kit

Easy Load Tap-N-Go Trimmer head

Easy Load Tap-N-Go Trimmer Heads WB1216

Easy Load Tap-N-Go Trimmer head (1)

Easy Load Tap-N-Go Trimmer Heads WB1237



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