Gripple Dynamic 4 Box of 10


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 The Dynamic combines push-fit technology with a one-step lock to create a fast, easy and secure method to anchor or brace structures. Replacing fiddly, multiple u-bolts, the Dynamic can be installed in under 1 minute.

Suitable for high dynamic loads such as antenna bracing, shade cloth anchoring, protective netting and hop trellis bracing.

Box of 10 Gripple Dynamic 4 includes 10 pieces, Gripple Releasse key and allen key for locking.

Quick, easy installation
  • Simple push-fit mechanism
  • One action locks both wires simultaneously
  • ZnAl for increased corrosion resistance
Easy to tension and re-tension
  • Unlock and re-tension without releasing the load
High load-holding capacity
  • Up to 750 kg / 1650 lbs