Happy Hound Best Friend Dog Fence Kit 5 foot x 200 ft

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Happy Hound kit is our most popular dog fence kit, this kit or multiple numbers has been our best seller of all our dog fence kits.

Our Best Friend Fence kits include everything needed to easily create an all but invisible and completely safe and enjoyable outdoor enclosure for your pet(s).

Easy install posts and sleeves, ground stakes, fence ties, and detailed instructions along with fencing in various heights and lengths (see roll size description in each kit) are all part of each kit.

You can even take the dog kit with you when you move, our Canadian forces customers like this feature as they are often posted for periods to other parts of Canada and need to quickly dismantle and reassemble the kit at the new location.

When installed the Happy Hound kit is approx 4' 9" high as the bottom few inches of fence fabric are fixed to the ground.

All you need to know is the linear footage of your proposed fence line, and how high you would like your fence to be – then just select the appropriate kit.

With the 1st kit purchased a FREE driving cap is provided to drive the sleeves into the ground.

Kit comprises

  • 200 foot roll of 5 'High fencing,
  • 16 black posts,
  • 16 sleeves 
  • 16 posts caps.
  • 100 PVC coated fence ties ,
  • Fence tie installation tool
  • 40 ground stakes
  • 16 clamps with fixings
  • 16 open eye bolts.
  • Full instructions on how to install the fence. Please download from Publications category when you order.
  • https://deerfencecanada.com/dog-fence-installation-instructions/