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Automatic Gate Openers > LockMaster Gate Openers

LockMaster Single gate opener kit

LockMaster Single Gate opener MK1301M-U

LockMaster dual gate opener kit

LockMaster Dual Gate opener MK1302 M-U

Key Card

Wireless RFID Key Card

Lockmaster Wired Keypad

Lockmaster wired Keypad LM106

LockMaster Wired Vehicle Sensor wand

LockMaster wired exit sensor wand LM157

Metal box shield for Wireless Key Pad

MetakBox for Wireless Keypad

Wireless Keyfob LM121

Wireless keyfob

Wireless Push Button

Wireless Push Button

External Receiver

External Receiver, address extender

Photo cell

Lockmaster Photocells

Low Voltage Multicore cable

Multicore low voltage cable.

Vehicle detector wireless sensor wand

Wireless driveway vehicle sensor wand.

LockMaster low voltage power option

Low Voltage Power Supply

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Solar Automatic Gate opener System 30W

Complete Solar System 30W with Single Opener Arm



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