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Pest Exclusion

Goose fence can stop geese from fouling the lawn at the water front.

Our Rodent Barrier (chew guard)products are intended to protect the bottom portion of the deer fence from being damaged by gnawing animals. It is a 1” aperture galvanized steel hex wire that has been black PVC dipped to match the fence. If you have a high population of musk rats, rabbits, groundhogs, or other rodents it may be prudent to add our Rodent Barrier to your fence order. Of the fence we have sold over the last 10 years, less than 10% of those orders required Rodent Barrier. It is only necessary to add to a fence if significant gnawing has occurred to your installed fence. For this reason it is usually best to wait and see if any chewing occurs.

Customers have found that our 3 foot rodent barrier along the bottom of a 7 foot deer fence also acts as an excellent deterent for coyotes entering the yard.

Our 3 foot rodent barrier secured around trees acts as a deterrant for beaver.

Mink and Otter protection of fish in a pond with our rodent barrier.


Pigeon and Starling exclusion

Keeping birds off buildings

Tenax Multipurpose Fence 2 x50

Tenax Multipurpose fence 2 foot x 50 foot (Goose Fence)

Tenax Multipurpose Fence 3 x50

Tenax Multipurpose fence 3 foot x 50 foot 

Welded Wire mesh 2 inch squares 2x100 feet roll

Black PVC coated welded wire mesh with 2 inch squares

Wire mesh chew guard 24"

Black PVC coated hex wire 100 roll by 2  foot high.


Wire mesh chew guard 36" x100Ft

Black PVC coated wire 100 roll by 3 foot high.



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