Post Diagonal Corner Brace

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The Corner Brace Kit is used in conjunction with our Heavy Duty Post  to make a very sturdy, internally supported corner. It is well suited as a corner support for a large enclosure using our Nylon Tension Cable.Bracing the corners is essential if you are using tension cable along the top of the fence. If you do not brace the corners the tension cable will puul the top of the fence inwards and could bend the post at ground level.

The brace kit consists of  a pair of - 8' long x 1 1/4'' diameter (galvanized and black-coated) braces that are buried 18'' along side the fence on the inside of the enclosed area. They then attach diagonally part way up the corner post (not included) with a band and cup (included)

  • Pair of brace tubes 108 inches long
  • Pair of post clamps
  • Pair of end cups
  • Nuts, bolts and screws to secure clamps and cups.