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Post Pounders, Post Drivers

New 2019 PP100 and PPFlex model now available.

Includes a protective carry case.

Free shipping to all major Canadian cities

Both PP52 and PP83 have been rigourously tested by Honda Engineers and both products have passed the battery of temperature and vibration tests for OEM applications of the GX35 engine.

Honda Warranty Certification completed July 2016

What does Honda Certification mean. Honda came to our facilty and we jointly ran tests on the machines by continuously driving posts of various diameters and styles up to 7 feet into the ground while Honda engineers measured ignition,oil temperature, horizontal vibration and vertical vibration. Honda engineers then independently ran the tests at the Honda Canada facility on our machines on various other posts.The result is that Honda now fully approves our application of the GX35 for use with the Post Pounders.

We have listened to your feedback over the past 6 years from our customers. Our customers requested that this type of  machine be designed for professionals but at affordable prices. Our two new Post Pounders have been ergonomically designed with offset handles to put the centre of gravity directly onto the post. In addition the Post Pounders are 3 inches (80mm) shorter than all the competitive products making for less effort to lift onto the post.The vibration damping springs are  encased inside the handles. The PP83 sports a 83mm (3.25") diameter hammer head, weighing in at 2 kgs, backed by a large diameter piston, making it ideal for pounding larger diameter posts. Both models have substantial castings and fixings to withstand the rigors of the outdoors. Internally  reliability is achieved  with aluminum piston, phosphor bronze bearings on the big ends and on the gudgeon pins for long life.

These  post pounders/ drivers  can drive any type of post effortlessly in seconds. No fatigue, easy to move, no hoses, no compressors to move,economical on fuel.

Rental of Post Pounders

Town Equipment Contact  www.townequipment.ca , townequipment@gmail.com or 613 794 7800

In New Brunswick by Reliable Rentals and Sales , Moncton, NB , Contact them at 506 857-3100 

267 Collishaw St, Moncton, NB E1C 9R1

Mid Manitoba Equipment Rentals Ltd.1359 Gordon Ave,The Pas,MB, Contact them at 204-620-1868

Alberta All Choice Rentals 2350 50th Street Drayton Valley AB  T7A 1S1 Contact them at 780-542-7377

Bradford Rental Sales & Service 192 Bridge Street Bradford, ON L3Z 2B4 905-775-7101

Signebec 15 rue de Varennes Gatineau, QC J8T 8G7 1-819-561-7848





Post Pounder Brochure

Post Pounder Brochure

Post Driver
Post Pounder 52mm


Gas powered

(Honda Engine)

Post Pounder 

Upto 2 inch posts.

Free Shipping

to all major Canadian cities

Post Pounder 83mm


Gas Powered

(Honda engine)

Post Pounder

Upto 3.2 inch posts.

Free Shipping to all

major Canadian cities

Post Pounder 100mm


Gas Powered

(Honda engine)

Post Pounder

Upto 4 inch posts.

Free Shipping to all

major Canadian cities

Post Pounder Flex

Post Pounder Flex for

Felexible Highway Marker Installation.

Gas Powered Pile Driver

Gas Powered Hand Held Pile Driver

Maxi Barrel Kit 136mm

Maxi Barell Kit

Drive Cap for Deer Fence sleeves

Drive cap for deer fence sleeves.


Drive cap for Tent stakes

Drive cap for Tent stakes

Driving Cap for 3 inch

 Driving Cap for 3 inch schedule 40 steel posts

Driving Cap for 3 inch two step

 Driving Cap for 3 inch step drive cap .

Driving Cap for 3 inch to 2inch square posts

 Driving Cap for 3 inch 2 inch square posts

EP0 Grease

EP0 Grease



Post Pounder 2:0.5 Reducer

Post Pounder Reducer 

2 inch to 0.5 inch

Post Pounder 2:0.75 Reducer

Post Pounder Reducer 

2 inch to 0.75 inch

Post Pounder 3:1 reducer

Post Pounder Reducer 3 to 1

Post Pounder 3:2 Reducer

Post Pounder Reducer 

3 inch to 2 inch

Post Pounder Case

Protective Carry Case

Post Pounder Service Kit PP52

Post Pounder Service kit for PP52

Post Pounder Service Kit PP83

Post Pounder Service kit for PP83

Post Puller & Gripple Drive Tool Remover

 Gripple Drive Tool remover, Terra lock setting,  and T / U channel post remover.

Honda GX35 Engine

Honda GX35 Replacement Engine

Spark Plug for GX35

Spark Plug for GX35





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