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Vineyard Products

A collection of Vineyard Trellising products and tools to make life easier creating and maintaining a vineyard.



Gripple Brochure Trellising

 Download Gripple Trellis brochure

Gripple Bulk Tubs Medium

 Medium Gripple bulk pack of 200 parts ideal for large projects.

Gripple VTS

Gripple VTS

Bag of 10

Gripple Anchor Drive Tool

Anchor Drive Tool

Gripple Speed Brace Kit GPAK3

Speed Bracing Kit. GPAK3

Gripple Speed Brace Kit GPAK4

Speed Bracing Kit. GPAK4

Bird Net Clasp

Pack of 100 bird net clasps

Bird Net Clip

Bird Net Clip

CintoFlex E

Tenax Cintoflex E 4x330

CintoFlex E 6.5

Tenax Cintoflex E 6.5 x 330

Fabric Retainer and Net Clasp

Fabric Clasp pack of 50

Gripple Plus Large

 Large Gripple Plus for use on 3.25 to 4.2mm gauge cable and tensioning up to 1320lbs./600kg


Gripple Plus Medium

 Medium Gripple Plus for use on 2.0 to 3.25 mm gauge cable and tensioning up to 880lbs./400kg

Gripple Bulk Box Large

 Large Gripple bulk pack of 250 parts ideal for large projects.

Gripple Bulk Box Medium

Gripple Medium Bulk Box 500

Gripple Speed Brace Bulk Box 40 GPAK4

Gripple Speed Brace Bulk box GPAK4

Post Driver
Post Pounder 52mm 🇨🇦


Gas powered

(Honda Engine)

Post Pounder 

Upto 2 inch posts.

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to all major Canadian cities



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