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LockMaster FAQ

The gate opener arms are driven by 24 volt DC motors that turn a large screw pull the gate open or in reverse push the gate closed. The electronic control box controls the motors in the operating arms.

The electronic control has a built in safety feature that causes the gate to stop and reverse direction should it detect an obstruction , just like how an automatic garage door works.

  • Also the gates can be opened with a wired or wireless keypad that can be programmed with a unique entry code that can given to visitors to open the gate.
  • Alternatively an RFID card can be used with the wired keypad to open the gates.

A built in auto-close feature is programmed to to enable the gate to be closed after a period of time.

The operating arms are equipped with a lock that can be opened with a key. this can also be used in case of power failures or if the a snow drift has blocked the path of the gate. When the key is turned in the lock on the arm the motor is disengaged and the gate can be manually pushed open.

Yes. In the case of business type application where the gates are only open during business hours then the electronic control can be programmed to keep the gate open until a key fob is pressed and then the gates close.

LockMaster gate opener control box has a Soft Start /Soft Stop feature which prevents the gates from crashing against the gate stops and prolongs the life of the gate openers.

LockMaster opening arms have electromagnetic limit switches built in that enables the distance the gates are opened to be set.

This depends on flexible the gate is and how heavy it is. In windy locations or if you are concerned about security and someone squeezing between gates / gate posts then it is recommended that a LockMaster automatic electronic lock be installed. The LockMaster electronic lock is wired into the control box so that it is released as soon as the system receives a signal to open the gates.

It is possible depending on the gate design. To prevent this a pin lock padlock can be used in place of the clevis pin.

No. You can install a LockMaster exit wand which can either be a wired version or a wireless version. The exit wand detects the vehicle as it moves towards the gate and the gate thins automatically opened.

Yes it is possible to wire in a simple outdoor bell push to the control box which will open the gate when closed. However we recommend that the bell push is concealed to so that only you know where it is located.

Yes this is possible you will require multicore cable which has wires for powering the gate motors and for the signals from the limit switch.

As with all wireless key fobs there are limitations on how far the signals will travel and what is in between the key fob and the position of the control box. It may be necessary to fit a range extender at the gate and wire this back to the control box to ensure reliable operation.

Photocells can be installed close to the gate to create a safety beam that if broken by someone/something then the gate will not open.

Yes certain types of buried loop detectors are compatible with the system.

  • The simplest is to have 110 volt outlet at the gate and just plug the control box into the outlet.
  • It is possible to have the 110volt transformer in the garage and and low voltage landscape cable running from the garage to control box at the gate.The advantage of this is if you do not have power at the gate then you do not need certified electrician to run the cable as it is low voltage.
  • It is also possible to have solar panels charge a set of 24volt batteries to power the system.
  • The system can have 6 wireless devices programmed into the control box.
  • For greater than 6 devices then an optional range extender needs to be fitted. The range extender has its own antenna so can be fitted remotely from the control unit.An additional 200 devices can be programmed with the range extender.

Yes in some cases it is essential to open outwards because of the slope of the driveway. This mode of operation is called Push to Open. In this case a Push to Open bracket needs to be fitted and the control box programmed as necessary. With a Push to Open configuration the operating arms and control box are still installed inside the property.

Yes back up 24 volt batteries can be fitted for systems that are 110 volt powered.

Yes multicore wire is necessary to go from one side of the driveway to the other. We can supply the correct type of wire.