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Post Pounders FAQ

The Post Pounder is the hand held gas powered post driver that makes installing fence posts easy. This machine will save you time and effort. Eliminating the need for a pneumatic post driver with the compressor and those hoses, this lightweight powerhouse delivers the punch where you need it, when you need it.

It's easy, start the engine, then just lift the Post Pounder on top of the post and squeeze the throttle. The hammer, powered by a HONDA engine, strikes 1720 times a minute, pounding posts, like a much larger and heavier machine.

The small size of the Post Pounder means it's easily portable. The extra movability enables you to easily bring the Post Pounder to the job. Back in the woods, on the farm or on a new construction site, it is as portable as the old two handed pipe post drivers.

The Post Pounder works well on wood, fibreglass or metal posts including T posts, angle posts, round posts, U posts, grounding rods, rebar, and square posts. Manufacture and servicing of the Post Pounders

Unlike our competitors we produce the post pounders here at our location outside Ottawa from parts manufactured locally and sourced from component suppliers worldwide. This way we can keep our production costs down and offer our customers full service/ spares support for our products.

Our two new Post Pounders have been ergonomically designed with offset handles to put the centre of gravity directly onto the post. Our Post Pounders are 3 inches (80mm) shorter than all the competitive products making for less effort to lift onto the post.The vibration damping springs are encased inside the handles preventing dirt contamination. The PP83 sports a large 83mm (3.25") diameter hammer head, weighing in at 2 kgs, backed by a large diameter piston, making it ideal for pounding larger diameter posts. All models have substantial castings and fixings to withstand the rigours of the outdoors. All joins between castings have O rings seals engineered into the design to prevent lubricant escaping. Internally reliability is achieved with aluminum piston, phosphor bronze bearings on the big ends and on the gudgeon pins for long life. The shaft between the clutch and the gearbox has a shaft seal unlike competitors. An hour meter is built in to ensure service intervals are observed. A grease nipple ensures that the machine can be lubricated without dismantling. The machines are Honda Canada Certified.

Honda came to our facility and we jointly ran tests on the machines by continuously driving posts of various diameters and styles up to 7 feet into the ground while Honda engineers measured ignition, oil temperature, revolutions, horizontal vibration and vertical vibration. Honda engineers then independently ran the tests at the Honda Canada facility on our machines on various other posts.The result is that Honda now fully approves our application of the GX35 for use with the Post Pounders.

No. Unlike our competitors the top and bottom halves are held together with 6 bolts not 4 and all our bolts are secured with thread locker.

Yes. Again unlike our competitors as we manufacture locally we always have spares readily on hand should they be needed. There is no need to source the spares in the USA or other parts of the world

We hold stocks of finished units already tested and boxed for immediate shipment. We ship via ground courier therefore it is 1-2 day normally in Eastern Canada and 4-5 days in Western Canada.

Saves Time Money and Energy Improves production by reducing worker a fence in nearly half the time! Improves safety, must have two hands on the machine out of harms way. Easily access those tough areas where other equipment cannot go! Isolated spring system on the handles for vibration dampening! Drive a large variety of post sizes with the 83mm barrel model! Will not freeze up in cold weather like other pneumatic post drivers!

Best Warranty on the Market: Automatic 1 year limit warranty! No need to register or pay a fee to extend beyond 30 days! Certified by Honda Canada for warranty of the Honda engine. The warranty extends to the original retail purchaser only and commences on the date of the original retail purchase. Any part of the Post Pounder manufactured or supplied by Deer Fence Canada Inc. and found in the reasonable judgment of Deer Fence Canada Inc. to be defective in material or workmanship, will be repaired or replaced without any charge for the parts or the labor. Freight or shipping costs for sending your Post Pounder to our location ( Ottawa Canada) for repairs or warranty work will be the responsibility of the person sending the driver to Deer Fence Canada Inc.

This warranty does not apply to the physical appearance of the product which has been misused, abused, dropped, improperly maintained, altered or repaired by an unauthorized person. Damage due to faulty installation of parts, faulty operation, or faulty maintenance. Damage to components caused by operator error such as dry-fire or misfiring the machine while operating. Excluded components which may need replacement or repair due to normal wear and tear, or lack of proper use/maintenance include: O rings and seals, lost or stripped fasteners, crank pin that is broken due to incorrect handling(left hand thread), and Post Pounder sleeves and accessories.

Anyone who has ever handed pounded T posts before knows how much work it is and how all that pounding makes your arms feel. No more; this gas powered portable T post driver, installs T posts in just seconds, enabling vineyard and nursery owners to quickly and efficiently stake their crop. The fast installation of T posts helps farmers and ranchers to fence their fields in fractions of the time it used to take. You'll be amazed by the power of the Post Pounder. You'll feel the earth tremble beneath your feet as this T post pounder's rapid pulsation move most rocks out of the way. This gas powered T post pounding tool greatly reduces worker fatigue.

Municipalities and Departments of Transportation whether at province, county or township levels all love how quickly the Post Pounder will drive sign posts into the ground. These U shaped or square posts (Telespar) can even be driven through pavement or through very hard, compacted, rocky soil with the gas powered sign post driver. A manual sign post driver is a lot of work. It causes worker fatigue and possible physical injury, especially to the wrist and arms. No more carrying heavy pieces of equipment. The light weight, powerful, sign post pounding of the PD83 Post Pounder greatly reduces the risk of injury and lost work time, while at the same time improves productivity.

Electrical contractors everywhere love how quickly and easily this gas powered grounding rod driver, drives home grounding rods. Driving long grounding rods into the ground has always been a difficult chore. This now changes with the Post Pounder on the job. A special insert slips into the barrel of the PD52 Post Pounder quickly converting it to a ground rod pounder. This insert has been specially designed to "hold" the grounding rod in place while the gas powered ground rod driver quickly pounds the grounding rod into the ground. We are talking seconds. It's fast and it's safe. No more falling off the ladder. No more sledge hammer. No more smashed knuckles

Construction companies , City, County and Provincial Park Commissions love how quickly this portable gas powered rebar driver pounds rebar into the ground. Often parking lots are bordered with concrete kerbs , logs , railway ties to control automobile parking. These dividers are held in place by driving rebar through and into the soil. With just a small pilot hole, the Post Pounder will drive rebar through the log and into the ground. Similarly, hiking and biking trails and even river beds are bordered with logs for erosion control. The lightweight, portable PP52 Post Pounder is the ideal device for driving rebar through the timber and into the earth to hold the log in position.

The Post Pounder is a game changer when it comes to installing large event tents, party tents or circus tents' stakes. This machine easily drives those solid metal tent stakes into the most compact of soils. Tents now go up in a fraction of the time that it used to take. We supply drive caps to suit the style of tent stake.

Curved flexible markers for marking the edge of highways or highlighting bands on the highway are normally difficult to install. With our custom engineered drive cap the Post Pounder can easily instal this type of post in the packed gravel along the side of the highway.

Silt fence is usually the first step for new construction. Up till now installing, the hardwood posts that hold the silt fencing in place, has been an arduous process. Either, the wood posts were pounded into position by hand with sledge hammers or driven into the ground with pneumatic hammers and hoses making the job either, difficult and time consuming or complicated and capital intense. This lightweight, portable gas powered silt fence post pounder eliminates the compressor and the hoses and simultaneously increases the efficiencies and speed of the job. Hardwood stakes are now driven into the place in just seconds. Which ever way you choose to describe it; powered wood post pounder or wood post driver this powered silt post driver makes it easy.

Driving wooden posts 3-5 inch in diameter will require a pilot hole to be made first with a steel pipe. Driving steel posts into the ground is a cutting action slicing through the ground. Driving solid wooden posts is a parting action pushing the ground apart which requires a lot more force than any hand held machine can produce. Think of it like trying to hammering a nail into wood, easy, but try and hammer a wooden dowel into wood and it is impossible without a pilot hole.

The PP52 easily installs tree stakes and tomato stakes incredibly fast. In just a matter of seconds, the stake is installed and the tree can be secured. This new efficiency brought to the nursery will have a huge positive impact on the bottom line.

The Post Pounder installs steel end trellis change the adaptor and continue to install the brace anchor and then the line posts of your choice, along the vineyard. Install the trellising easily on the slopes of your vineyard. No heavy equipment necessary to compact or contaminate the soil for your future vines

Often moveable green houses are held in place by driving anchors or sleeves into the ground. No more sledge hammer work, this gas powered pounder drives the sleeves and anchors quickly into position. No risk of injury, no worker fatigue.

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Pounding deer fencing sleeves into the ground used to be hard, time consuming work. At least until Post Pounder came along with this portable, gas powered post driver. Simply, place the Post Pounder over the nominally 2 inch round sleeve and watch this baby go. The sleeve is driven into the ground in a matter of seconds. The rapid beats of the powered driver will often move smaller rocks and stones out of the way allowing the sleeve to penetrate through the ground. You can actually feel the stones vibrating clear as you go. In some applications, fence contractors have eliminated the need for ground sleeves entirely. The Post Pounder will drive a 1 5/8" round post directly into the ground without damaging the top end of the post. The cost savings of installing posts without sleeves can be enormous. A team of two men can now install hundreds of posts in a day, one man operates the gas powered post pounding driver while the other holds the post true.