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Fence Accessories

 Heavy duty ties or large barbed staples, hog rings, ground stakes are all used to secure the fence.

We have found that our double clips makes fixing the fence to either trees or wooden post very simple. Just use a couple of deck screws to fix the double clip at the 7 foot level, hand the mesh then secure a second double clip at the bottom to hold the mesh in place. A lot easier than trying to hammer in staples at the top of a post.

We have 2 inch galvanized barbed staples for attaching the fence to trees or wooden posts. We have 3 inch galavanized barbed staples for attaching the reinforcing tension cable. The 3 inch staple permits a reasonable sized loop to be formed to easily thread the cable. During installation never drive  any of the staples hard into the wood such that the mesh has been caught under the staple. The mesh or cable should be allowed to move freely under the U of the staple. 

Black nylon locking zip ties or PVC coated wire ties are used for securing the fencing to our posts. Typically, five are used per post, but when utilizing high-tensile wire, an "x" or "bow tie" technique is used to secure the cable to the pipes, so 10 ties are required per post.


Our experience in winter in some areas of Canada subject to ice storms, heavy wet snow and extreme temperatures has shown that our PVC coated wire ties are better suited to these conditions.This type of fence tie is now included as standard in all our kits.


Extra ties are also needed when installing fencing in areas with up and down terrain changes. In these situations the fence can be folded or cut, re-angled, and then tied back on itself at posts or trees. This technique ensures that the fencing will stay flush to the ground so deer cannot push underneath.



The final step to ensuring a deer-proof enclosure is securing the fencing to the ground. Our years of experience have shown that in addition to wandering the perimeter of the fence in search of an opening, deer are notorious for putting their heads down and pushing up on the barrier. If the material is not staked tightly to the ground every five to six feet, then there is a very high probability that deer will force their way under the fencing.

For our Best Friend Fence it is important to prevent your pet from lifting the fence to try and escape. Our ground stakes are included in every Best Friend Fence Kit, however if you are selecting materials al cart be sure to include sufficient groiund stakes for your project.

Our Ground Stakes are also ideal for fixing our Turf or Grass Protection to the ground to prevent tripping.


Double Clip Pack of 25

 Pack of 25 Double Clips.

Hog Ring Pliers TG22

Hog Ring Pliers TG22

Gripple Plus Medium

 Medium Gripple Plus for use on 2.0 to 3.25 mm gauge cable and tensioning up to 880lbs./400kg



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