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Post Pounders and Tools


Stag Tool Canada

We build and test for the Post Pounders and Other gas powered machines here in Ottawa  from parts we have manufactured to the highest quality standards locally and abroad.

We have been servicing all brands of  Post Pounders/Post drivers for well over 14 years and have catalogued what wears or gets damaged.

With this experience we have produced new machines with improvements in wear and robustness.

This enables us to ensure the Post Pounders we sell are to the highest quality standard in the industry

some of our  Post Pounders have been rigorously tested by Honda Engineers and have passed the battery of temperature and vibration tests for OEM applications of the GX35 engine.Honda Warranty Certification completed July 2016.

 In 2024 we have launched Stag Tools Canada to market our range of tool products.