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Horse Fence

Horse Line Fence


Horse-Line horse fence is the original and only warranted horse fence of its kind. Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations. Horse-Line Fence is as strong as wire fences with 1250 lbs of breaking strength per strand.  It is protected by vital UV inhibitors that maintain product strength, flexibility and beautiful appearance for years.  Horse-Line is lightweight and easy to install.  It can be used with any type of post.  So whether you pick T-Posts, Wood Posts or Vinyl, Horse-Line Fence will look beautiful and safely contain your horses.  Because it contains no wire, it will not lose its tension making Horse-Line Fence virtually Maintenance Free.  No unsightly sagging lines and no time wasted repairing fences.  Horse-Line Fence delivers…..You will not be disappointed.




                                                                                        Features and Benefits
Horse-Line fencing is seven times lighter than similar diameter wire. Each 30 lb.(10Kg) Horse-Line spool has a miniumum 2900 linear feet (610 m), compared to 286 feet per 25 lb. coil of steel wire.
This weight savings means easier handling and guarantees lower shipping costs.
Horse-Line maintains its appearance year after year. 
Horse-Line Fencing, once properly tensioned, does not sag in in temperature range  -40C to +54C  Horse-Line fencing has 24% elongation and will bounce back to its original shape when tested with weight bearing objects. Steel only has a approx. 3% breaking stretch.
Wire fences, vinyl fences, and other conventional fences do not have the ability to bounce back and quickly sag, resulting in poor appearance and higher maintenance time and costs.
Horse-Line fencing does not fray when broken, resulting in increased safety to horse and rider.
Horse-Line Fencing tends to spring clear of a tangled animal rather than tightening its grip.
Horse-Line Fencing is resistant to chemical sprays, phosphates, herbicides, and rotting. Herbicide control of grass growth at fence base is now possible, reducing the risk of fire damage to fence materials.

Horse-Line Fencing is resistant to salt water, making it ideal in all areas subject to flooding. Horse-Line is particularly adventageous in coastal regions due to its non-corrosive properties.

Horse-Line is smooth so it will not scar the animal if it brushes against the fence or tries to violate the borders.

Horse-Line is rugged and resilent and is the only fence material that can stretch over 20%.its original  length and return to maintain the normal tension.

Horses can regularly break through  fences and it is these times that serious injury can occur. However risk of harm can be minimised with a fence that  has felexibily ,strenght and high visability. Visabilty is particularly important as horses have difficulty distinquising certain colours.

Convential farm fences are difficult for horses to see, compounding the risk of a horse accidently running into the fence, which is why Horse-Line white fencing is recommended.

However in areas with a lot of snow it is advisable to alternate the white strands with Horse-Line Black 


Cable 2493 White 4mm

Horse Line White

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Cable 2493 White 4mm Kit

Horse Line White Kit with Large Gripples

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Gripple Bulk Box Large

 Large Gripple bulk pack of 250 parts ideal for large projects.

Cable 2493 Black 4mm horse

Horse Line  Fence Black

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Cable 2493 Black 4mm Kit

Horse Line Black Kit with Large Gripples

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Gripple Plus Large

 Large Gripple Plus for use on 3.25 to 4.2mm gauge cable and tensioning up to 1320lbs./600kg


Gripple Speed Brace Kit GPAK3

Speed Bracing Kit. GPAK3

Gripple Speed Brace Kit GPAK4

Speed Bracing Kit. GPAK4

Horse Fence brochure and Video

Down loadable brochure and video

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White Adhesive Tape

White Adhesive Tape

Wood Staple Insulator

Pack of  50 wood staple insulators.

Double Clip Pack of 25

 Pack of 25 Double Clips.



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