Polyamide Reinforcing Cable 125 Black 3mm Kit

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C003 KIT
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A reinforcing cable along the top of the fence provides a number of advantages.

  • Posts or trees can be up to 22 feet apart with cable.
  • In wooded areas if a tree falls the tension cable takes the strain of the fallen tree. Cut away the tree or branch and the fence springs back up.
  • In heavy snow areas the tension cable prevents fold over of the fence between the posts or trees.

Easy to install on our posts or trees.

Thread the cable through the eyebolt and clamp at the top of each post or through our double clip on a tree or wooden post.

Terminate the cable at either end with a Gripple cable tensioner by creating a loop around the post or tree.

If using a tree to start the cable run ensure that the loop gives sufficient space for tree growth.

Ensure that the end post is well braced or the tree is sturdy enough to accept the tension applied by the cable.

Cut the cable half way along the length and use a third Gripple wire tensioner to tension the cable.

Tension the cable by pulling the ends of the cable through the Gripple wire tensioner.

With our nylon polyamide cable this tensioning  can be done by hand.

Attach the cable by feeding it through the mesh.

This kit can be used with all our deer fence and dog fence kits.

The kit consists of :-

  • 125 feet of nylon tension cable.
  • Pack of 6 medium Gripples.

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