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Exit Wand for Aria automatic gates


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 Self-contained free exit gate sensor system, designed to detect moving vehicles and open your automatic gate so you and your visitors can leave without having to use a remote, key-fob, or keypad. Connects directly and works with many gate opener systems.The sensor for our wired systems installs in the grass beside the drive without the need to disturb your driveway. The wireless sensor can be installed beside the driveway, in the driveway, or on a post adjacent to the drive.
  • If installed above ground, use conduit to mechanically protect cable (animals will eat).
  • Vehicle should be going at least 2kph  at sensor to be detected 
Technical Specifications
Power Required 8–24 VAC or 8–30 VDC
Stand-By Current 30–70 Microamps (µA)
Alarm Current 40–60 Milliamps (mA)
Relay Contacts SPDT, floating, N.O. or N.C. (Form C)
Relay Contact Rating 1 amp/24 VDC (1 mA at 5 VDC min. load)
Relay Time 2–3 seconds
Enclosure Rating IP67
Strength Rating 9.53 ton-force 8646 kgf
Temperature Range -25° F. – +140° F. -32° C. – 60° C.
Dimensions 4.5 in. dia. x 3.5 in. high
Weight 8 lbs. with 200 ft. cable
1 year