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Our Goose fence kit is ideal for waterfront properties to keep geese off the lawn down to the waters edge.

Geese can sure make a mess.  Not only do they eat many valuable plants but the droppings get everywhere.  Keeping geese away is easier than you think.  A 2 foot high barrier of poly goose fence 5 to 10 feet away from the edge of the pond is all it takes.  This goose fence is easy to install and will deter geese from ponds, lakes and streams.  Geese instinctively look for ponds and lakes with open unobstructed areas around the perimeter of the waterway.  They will not visit ponds with a high thick brush around the perimeter where a fox or cat could hide and similarly they will not stay at a pond with a fence around it that may impeded the need for a rapid retreat.  In our trials, a 2 foot high goose fence several feet from the water's edge have been highly effective at keeping  geese away.

Easy to install.

Unroll the fence material , slide a bamboo cane or other fence stake ( ie our Grape Stakes) through the mesh and into the ground.

The fence works on the principle that geese only land in open areas away from any predators.

I is best if you make a zig zag pattern with the fence. The geese can see the mesh but are unsure if predators are lurking behind the fence so will not take a chance on landing.

Our customers have had great success with our goose fence kits.

The material is the Tenax 2 foot high with stakes to hold it down.

It can be installed in a straight line , zizg zag or chevrons.

Goose Fence Kit Contents:-

50 foot Tenax Multipurpose Fence

6 Steel Galvanized posts 1/4' x  32"

Pack of 50 zip ties

Pack of 6 Lighting bolt shaped ground stakes.