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Gripple GP-Fix Bulk tub of 100 parts


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Bulk tub of 100 


Sutable for steel or polyamide wire 1.8mm to 3.2mm. Working load 400kg (880 lbs)

Cut or broken trellis or support wire easy repair device.

  • Fast – simple snap fit installation ensures a quick on the spot repair
  • Easy – provides extra reach on the broken ends, reducing physical effort
  • Secure – corrosion resistant zinc alloy and ceramic rollers for long lasting repairs
  • Discreet – low, smooth profile and enclosed wires, reducing the risk of catching
  • Practical – can be carried in a pocket and doesn’t require extra wire
  • Compatible – ideal for use with Gripple Plus Medium or GP1 when re-tensioning wire at end post
  • Easy installation on 3 mm polyamide trellis catch wires or high tensile steel wire.

Why should I use GP Fix rather than traditional tornedo splices and crimps?

GP Fix has been specifically designed to remove the labour intensive activity associated with traditional methods of repair. The innovative two part design allows more scope to successfully repair by hand, and delivers a long lasting join, reinforced by Gripple’s market leading material technology. The product doesn’t require machinery or straining equipment and its smooth profile delivers a more professional finish when compared to traditional options.

Is it safe to install by hand?

Yes, GP Fix has a two part design so that the repairer can simply insert the parts onto either side of the broken wire by hand. The parts instantly grip the wire and then they can simply be pulled together. The snap fit mechanism ensures the two parts lock and when the pieces take the load of the wire, they continuously pull against each other, creating a long lasting join. The GP Fix also eliminates often sharp tail wires which removes the risk of hand injuries.

Will I still be able to use GP Fix when there’s high line tension?

The two part design inserted onto either side of the broken wire offers a bigger gap between the wire ends and increased likelihood of a repair being made. Most pruning accidents (wire breaks) take place in the winter when the line tension is reduced. Where it isn’t possible to make a repair immediately by hand, some wire can be released at the end post or wire strainers can be used to re-introduce the broken ends.

Ideal for repairing maple syrup trellsing.

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