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Gripple GPD90


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The GP90 is designed to replace the traditional knot used in orchards and greenhouses to create overhead catenaries. Made with a builtin screw, it adapts to any boundary cable or bar, allowing quick and effortless creation of a perpendicular grid.

• Made to create overhead structures for cloth/net support, crop/down wires, or fruit canopy

• Eliminates tying & knotting of T-joins and other complex joining methods

• Join and tension in one, in under one minute

• Up to 600 kg line load in case of wind lift or heavy crop weight


GP90 join and tension wires in one. Boundery Cable for 1/4" to 5/8" (6 to 16mm) - Cross Wire Range: 8 to 15 swg (1.8 to 4mm). Working Load 1,320 lbs 600kg

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