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Gripple Speed Brace Kit GPAK4


GPAK4-16.5 FT
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Gripple Speed bracing kit is ideally suited to brace the start of a fence or anchoring a vineyard trellis.

A complete bracing kit, ready to use with cut to length pre-ferruled wire rope and Gripple tensioner.

The Gripple Speed  Brace is a complete bracing system for use with any type of h-post or box strainers. This brace is safer for horses because it prevents a v-loop at the bottom where horses can become injured when trapped.

Like all Gripple products "twisting time is gone". Simply push and tension, this system is fast and easy to install. 

  • 16.5 galvanized high-tensile steel cable with pre-formed loop.
  • 1 Large Gripple cable grip

For maximum strength and safety, install Gripple approximately 24" away from post.
Gripple Plus and Cable break strength=1320 pounds 

Time and labour saving- install in less than one minute.

Heavy galvanization for maximum corrosion resistance and ends fused to prevent fraying.

Neat professional finish.

GPAK4 4mm wire 4.5m (16.') long load 600kg

Tension with Gripple tensioning tool.