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Gripple Tree Anchoring Kits


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Root Ball Kits

Below Ground tree Anchoring system designed to stabalize newly planted semi-mature trees.

Suitable for mature trees 4.5m to 12m tall

  • GPBK3 Kit 4.5 m tall tree girth 25cm
  • GPBK4 Kit 7.5 m tall tree girth 45cm
  • GPBK5 Kit 12 m tall tree girth 75 cm

Features a strap tensioning system for ease of use and supllied in ready to use kits.

• Simple – fast installation

• Long-lasting – allows tree to naturally establish itself

• Secure – deters vandals as there is no sign the tree is newly planted

• Versatile – sizes available to fit most applications, as shown below

• Safe – trip hazard reduced as the kit is underground