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Heavy Duty Treed Lot (or wooden post) Deer Fence Kit 100'x7.5' (30mx2.3m)

Deer Fence Canada

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To make it easy to order we have have created these simple kits with all the material necessary for you to install a Heavy Duty Perimeter Fence.

You can combine these kits with our other kits to complete the perimeter.

The kit includes:-

  • (30M) 100 feet of Heavy Duty fencing,
  • 20 ground stakes,
  • 25 Double Clips with screws
  • 100 large staples,
  • a pack of white ribbons and installation instructions.
  • Installation Instructions Please download from Publications category when you order.


This kit is very easy to install.

Use a 7 foot pole to guage the hieght of the Double Clip above the ground.

Screw the clip into the tree or cedar post.

Hang the mesh on the second strand of the mesh on each post or tree.

At the bottom of the tree or post pull down the mesh secure with a large staple.

Add another few 3-4 staples between the top of the fence and the bottom

Between the posts or trees install the ground stakes to fix the mesh to the ground.

Tie on the white ribbons.