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LockMaster dual gate opener kit 110Volt


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Certified to Canadian Standards CSA 22.2 No 247 and UL235 ETL Certified.

Designed for DIY installation with simple tools in residential or light commercial applications.

We have pre-configured the control unit to ensure that it works straight out of the box.

Dual openers require multicore cable under the driveway please check you have this when ordering.

Can be installed in normal pull to open inwards configuration  or open outwards( push to open) configuration.

Push to open requires an additional bracket not included in the kit.

We strongly recommend that a surge arrestor is fitted close to the power outlet for the gate opener.

Damage to the electronic control by electric surges on the 110volts is not covered by warranty.

Warranty 1 year from date of purchase.


Emergency release key for emergency services access.

What is in the box:-

  • 2 x Gate opener actuating arms with control cable.
  • Control unit with 110 volt power cable.
  • Hardware kit for fitting to gates and gate posts
  • 2 x Remote controls
  • Emergency release key.
  • Safety warning signs.
  • Installation and programming manual.

Range of accessories.

Powering options available:-

  • 110-120 V AC at the gate with a GFCI.
  • Low voltage cable to gate from remote power transformer in garage/house.

Programmable features :-

  • Soft start and soft stop ( enables high starting torque)
  • Emergency release key in case of power failure
  • Dual/Single gate running mode
  • Adjustable opening/closing interval between master and slave gate
  • Stop/Reverse in case of obstruction during gate opening/closing.
  • Built in adjustable auto-close (0-99 seconds)
  • Built in maximum Motor running time (MRT) adjustable for multiple safety protection (1-50 seconds)
  • Digital display indicates the running situation and setting menu
  • Reliable electromagnetic swing limit for easy adjustment.
  • Adjustable gate obstruction sensitivity, stall force setting.
  • Simple LED programming display
  • Learn,Function, Increment and decrement single step programming buttons.

Optional Accessories:-

  • Optional  safety photocell detectors to monitor gate obstruction.
  • Electromagnetic gate lock control input.
  • Keypad input.( wired or wireless)
  • Push button input
  • Buried Loop detector.
  • Wireless electromagnetic driveway vehicle sensor.

Technical Specification:-

  • Power 80W
  • Motor Voltage 24V DC
  • Motor Speed 16 mm /sec
  • Actuator travel 385mm
  • Ambient Temperature -20℃~ +50℃ (-4°F to 122°F)
  • Wireless remote and keypad frequency 433.92Mhz
  • Relative Humidity <=90%RH
  • Gate Weight/Size ratings 290kgs (650lbs) 4.7m (18ft)

One year warranty from date of purchase