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Single Driveway Gate 14' x7'

Deer Fence Canada

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Our sleek and sturdy tubular steel driveway gates were designed to be easily customized on-site to fit any driveway up to 14' wide or we can supply as 8 ,10, 12 0r 14 foot already customized.

The system includes everything needed to assemble your gate to fit your driveway. Included are the 1 1/4" diameter (black) steel gate frame tubes and fittings, two 2 ½" diameter  support posts, and all the associated hardware (black coated) to hang your gate.

Gates do not come with the fence fabric to cover the gate.

Our gates are easily assembled and come complete with all corner and horizontal connectors necessary to make the gate frame. First, the support posts are set in concrete at either end of the driveway.

A measurement of the distance between the two support posts needs to be taken to properly size the gate components. A power drill will be needed for securing self-tapping screws (included) that permanently secure all the junctions. A section of our fence (not included) is then tied across the assembled gate frame. The powder coated hinges and latches are then secured to the frame. The whole assembly process takes just a few minutes. The final step is to hang the gate from the two 2 ½" diameter support posts.

Each gate also comes with a "cross-bracing cable" that runs diagonally from one upper corner to the lower corner on the other side of the gate. This keeps the gate from sagging over time, and can easily be adjusted with the Gripple wire tensioner. All these components are also powder coated black so that they preserve the low visual impact of the gate.

If these dimensions/style do not suit your needs and you require a double gate please email us with your requirements and we will customize the pack to suit your particular needs.


Fence material to cover the gate frame not included in the kit