Tenax Microfender 2 x 5 m

T M 2 x5
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The environmentally friendly protection

This very tight, clear, monofilament polyethylene mesh is the most eco-friendly way to prevent viral diseases of vegetables.

Ideal for organic growers protection against insect damage without the use of chemicals.


Very tight, clear, monofilament polyethylene mesh. This kind of meshes defend crops from aphids in a protected environment avoiding the use of pesticides, thus offering a sort of integrated prevention and improving the quality of the harvest. This mesh is installed to create micro-tunnels with a ground-sky protection to grow courgettes, pumpkins, cabbage, carrots and lettuce or on greenhouses to defend crops against aphids, whitefly, Drosophila Suzukii, Bemisia Tabaci, cabbage root fly and Tuta Absoluta.


  • Clear monofilament polyethylene mesh
  • It resists weather elements
  • Tested against Drosophila Suzukii to protect blueberries, raspberries and vines
  • It facilitates air circulation and impedes moisture stagnation


  • It defends crops without using pesticides
  • Integrated prevention
  • Healthier crops and better harvests
  • Very high barrier, but permeable to air, water and light
  • The secure and eco-friendly solution against diseases of microorganisms


  • Roll size 2m x 5m
  • Colour White


Use readily avialble garden hoops of wire, cain or plastic tubing to create a cloche /tunnel. Drap the mesh over the hoops and secure with our fabric clasps and ground stakes.