Tenax Privacy Green 7.8 x 150


TPrivGreen7.8 x 150
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Tenax Privacy Screen Green 7.8 x 150 feet (2.3m x 46m)

This privacy screen is designed to be breathable and obscure the view of an area. This is great for areas alongside of highways or around construction zones where wind and unattractive areas are a problem. This wind control is great around backyards and recreation areas as well around construction sites.

The screen provides an obscured view of the area, discouraging thieves and vandals from taking or destroying property. This a great addition to a high crime area and is a cheaper alternative to a high fence or wooden wall.

The screen is hemmed around the edges and features metal grommets every 2 feet along the hemming. This provides strong tie down points for securing the screen to almost anything. The hemming also helps to prevent tearing and whipping damage from the wind. It can be attached to an existing chain-link fence, posts, trees, stakes and more.