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Universal Post Pounder PP102PE Honda 35cc FREE SHIPPING to Most locations in Canada

Stag Tools

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Best SellerThis is the only Post Pounder that is built/made in Canada.

We have combined the best of the best to design and manufacture  this STAG POST POUNDER 

One machine for all sizes and shapes of posts.

The STAG PP102 Universal Post Pounder has the following key user  features.

  • One model does all the tasks. From T post up to (102mm) 4 inch diameter post.
  • Heavy hammer gives 50% more striking power for same rpm.
  • No load hammer disconnect.
  • Rigid frame with Floating anti vibration handles.
  • Pull Start / Push Stop
  • Variable sized easy fast change adapters included ( 4 off).
  • Optional custom adapters for U channel, T shaped posts, Master Halco Post master etc.

Mechanically the Post Pounder has innovative features and intuitive design to improve reliability and performance

  • Reinforced engine mount for Honda GX35
  • Engine mounted closer to machine centre of gravity so less overhang forces.
  • Clutch drum threaded onto drive shaft not brazed to drive shaft.
  • Helical gears. Hence gear teeth load always fully engaged unlike traditional spur gears.
  • Crankshaft screw fixed to large gear. No key way so no keys to come loose in key way with vibration..
  • Crankshaft to Con rod top end bearing roller type continuously lubricated from oil in the reservoir above and feeds onto hammer / cylinder . Not a greased phosphor bronze bushing.
  • Hammer/cylinder twice the weight of current designs. Hence little to none side chatter on cylinder.
  • Strike plate design rather than heavy anvil generating better energy transfer to the post without energy losses moving the heavy anvil.
  • Rigid framework between top and bottom members to increase overall machine integrity. Allows  handles to be free floating.

What is included:-

  • PP102
  • 4 adapters 80-100mm,60-78 mm, 46-60mm,45-20mm
  • 1 Aluminium adapter retainer
  • BLM case moulded to machine wheeled protective case, two carry handles, vertical and horiszontal
  • Tool kit
  • L-HM46 Hydraulic oil dispenser with filler spout.
  • Use Manual
  • Free Shipping Canada and Continental US ( we can ship to Alaska for extra $50)

Optional Large Chuck

  • Really big posts to set then we have a 120mm chuck that can be easily bolted onto the machine.
2 year limited warranty on Pounder Section , Honda warranty on Engine . The warranty does not cover physical damage caused by miss-operation or dropping the machine. Warranty non-transferable from original purchaser. On shipment the warranty is automatically registered to the original purchasers invoice number