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Stag 120mm chuck

Stag Tools

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Stage PP102 large chuck for posts up to 120mm in diameter.

For tubular posts greater than 3.5 inches 85 mm a drive cap will be required to enable the anvil to strike the post.

Fitting to machine

Remove the existing chuck and retain the 4 bolts and lockwashers.Clean all the threadlocker off the bolts

You will need Blue thread locker for assembling the chuck onto the machine.

Coat all the treads in thread locker.

Fit the chuck and hand tighten all 4 bolts.

Then Torgue up.

You will need access to a Torque wrench to be able to set the correct torque for the bolts.

The M6 bolts are tightened to 15 foot lbs.

Failure to use a torque wrench acn result in the bolts coming loose with vibration and damaging the machine or the operator.



Aluminium 125 mm diameter.

Weight 2.7 lbs.